The Circular Movement

We take you on a journey towards #Zerowaste fashion.

‘The Circular Movement’ documentary illustrates why it is essential to learn from the past to build towards a 100% circular fashion economy.

EPISODE 1 : Rachel Cannegieter - Chloe Leenheer - Sara Dubbeldam- SVD Founders Andrea&Liseth

EPISODE 2: Miranda Kramer - Mandy Woelkens

EPISODE 3: coming soon!  Emanuelle Vos - Cathelijne Blok - Chanel Trapman 

From Serendipity Vintage (SVD) together with Mumster, we want to inspire and educate people about the alternatives to fashion as we know it. To break all outdated stigmas around secondhand & vintage clothing that still linger today. 

Featuring leading circular fashion expert Rachel Cannegieter from Rethink Rebels next to very inspiring people such as Mandy Woelkens, that look at fashion under a different perspective with  Chloe Leenheer and Miranda Kramer, surrounded by disco feminist energy of Cathelijn Blok  and sustainable-heart journalist Sara Dubbeldam  and the High radiance soul of Emanuelle Vos.