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Rachel Cannegieter

“If you understand that at this moment we purchase 400% more clothes than we did two decades ago but we use the garments half the time, ending incinerated or in waste, you will see why circular fashion is so important” Rebel fashion expert Rachel Cannegieter, shares valuable insights on the impact that our fashion-actions have on the planet&people, and beautiful-easy solutions found at consumers reach.  Because a change should happen in every layer of the supply chain to be 100% effective and swift  the way we design, produce, manufacture, sell and consume goods.  As the soul of Rethink Rebels , Rachel empowers new and existing companies to embrace the evolution towards a zero waste tomorrow.  “As citizens we are also part of the supply chain.  You...

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Sara Dubbeldam

“I believe it is important to look at vintage in a more positive way” Conversations at studio with sustainable soul&journalist  Sara Dubbeldam (@whensarasmiles) is all about opening new doors to accessible, easy and down to earth sustainable solutions.  “The waste piles keep on growing and we keep creating new raw materials, surrounded by so many beautiful pieces are already produced” - Sara Dubbeldam @whensarasmiles Natural materials, subtle embroideries and wool coats in to be found among other favorite vintage pieces in her Serendipity wardrobe. This is a journey through her stories. Watch now here | #JoinThemovement - Photography by Laura van der Spek-  "I make people think about their consuming behaviour, wardrobe and everything about sustainable fashion” - Sara Dubbeldam @whensarasmiles  

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